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CIDP Antibodies Target

January 2021 - Article: CIDP antibodies target junction proteins...

Moritz and al. proposes systemic characteristics in the repertoires of targeted autoantigens in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP).

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Annotation 2020 12 16 172638

December 2020 - Article: Cranial nerve disorders associated...

This paper from Vogrig and al. describes the spectrum, treatment, and outcome of cranial nerve disorders associated with immune checkpoint inhibitors

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October 2020 - Article: Proper definition of the set of autoantibody...

For autoimmune-related diseases, a novel approach systemically analyzes entire antibody sets in an omics-like manner. How to properly define these sets has been shown by Moritz and al.

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Diagnostic Des EA

August 2020 - Article: Diagnostic des encéphalites auto-immunes

This article from Muñiz-Castrillo and al. briefly review the clinical presentation and the ancillary tests leading to a probable or definite diagnosis, which is the first step towards adequate management of these patients.

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August 2020 - Article: Epidemiology of paraneoplastic neurologic syndromes...

Hébert and al report the observed and expected incidence rates of paraneoplastic neurologic syndromes (PNSs) and autoimmune encephalitides (AEs) diagnosed in France between 2016 and 2018 using a population-based epidemiologic study.

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Anti CASPR2 Article

July 2020 - Article: Anti-CASPR2 clinical phenotypes correlate...

In this paper, Muñiz-Castrillo and al. present some physiopathological clues by studying whether the immunological and genetic (HLA) characteristics differed according to the clinical phenotypes.

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Fondamental Mechanisms

July 2020 - Review: Fundamental mechanisms of autoantibody-induced...

This review's aim is to evaluate what kind of cerebellar ion channels, their related proteins, and the synaptic machinery proteins that are preferably impaired by autoantibodies so as to develop cerebellar ataxias (CAs).

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Transient Neuro

June 2020 - Article: Transient neurological symptoms preceding...

Pr Honnorat team describes a transient clinical features preceding immune-mediated CA with GAD-Abs, in order to provide clues for an early diagnosis.

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Central Nervous

June 2020 - Article: Central nervous system complications associates...

This article describes the spectrum and outcome of central nervous system complications associated with immune checkpoint inhibitors (CNS-ICI).

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June 2020 - Review: Pathophysiology of paraneoplastic autoimmune...

Pr Honnorat team provides a comprehensive review of the most recent findings in the field of PNSs and AEs, with particular focus on their triggering factors and immunopathogenesis.

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Immunological Basis

June 2020 - Review: Immunological bases of paraneoplastic cerebellar...

Pr Liblau's team review recent literature pertaining to the pathophysiology of PCD and propose an immune scheme underlying this disabling disease.

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Clinical Spectrum

May 2020 - Article: Clinical spectrum and diagnostic pitfalls of neurologic...

In this article are presented the descritption of the main syndrome and clinical course in a large cohort of patients with anti–Ri-associated paraneoplastic neurologic syndrome (Ri-PNS).

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Anti Hu

May 2020 - Letter: Anti-Hu associated paraneoplastic syndromes triggered...

This article provides the description of two patients with SCLC treated with ICIs who developed sensory neuronopathy (Case 1) and cerebellar degeneration (Case 2) in association with Hu-Abs.

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Value Of Onco

May 2020 - Letter: Value of onconeuronal antibodies in checkpoint...

Vogrig and al. expose their disagreement about statements made by Dubey and al concerning patients with n‐irAEs.

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Diagnostic Yield

March 2020 - Article: Diagnostic yield of commercial immunodots to....

This paper proposes to investigate the diagnostic yield of commercial immunodots to detect onconeural antibodies associated with paraneoplastic neurologic syndromes (PNSs), we analyzed the proportion of confirmed positive results using alternative techniques.

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Primary Dq

March 2020 - Article: Primary DQ effect in the association between...

Muñiz-Castrillo and al. present a study which fully describe the HLA haplotypes present in patients with neurological syndromes with GAD65-Ab and establish whether differences in HLA profiles exist according to the neurological clinical presentation or the co-occurrence of other organ-specific autoimmune diseases.

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Long Term

March 2020 - Article: Long-term outcomes in temporal lobe epilepsy...

This article proposes to assess the long-term outcomes of patients with temporal lobe epilepsy and CSF anti-glutamate decarboxylase antibodies (GAD65-Abs).

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January 2020 - Article: Epidemiology of paraneoplastic neurological...

This paper presents the first population-based incidence study and report the clinical spectrum and antibody profile of PNS in a large area in Northeastern Italy.

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January 2020 - Review: Association between HLA and autoimmune...

Muñiz-Castrillo and al. report the main alleles and haplotypes, and discuss the clinical and pathogenic implications of these findings.

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