Take part in the project

Bandeau Patient


Any patient with EA or PNS taken care of by a neurologist from the Reference Center or from another hospital can be included in the BETPSY project.

During a consultation or hospitalization, the neurologist offers his patient to collect the biological samples withdrawn throughout the health care (serum, blood, DNA, CSF or tumor samples) and to keep the unconsumed at the Biological Resources Center of the Hospices Civils de Lyon (CRB) thus allowing the participation to the BETPSY project. The neurologist gives the patient an information note, a consent form and explains that the biological samples are preserved at the CRB and made available for scientific research. The patient is free to agree to participate in all or part of the project without having to provide any justification and without fear that his care will be changed.

In the event that the patient is being treated outside the reference center, the latter can contact us and we will present him the terms for participating in the project.

The clinical data remain confidential and are entered in the database of the reference center (computerized medical file specializing in the care of patients with EA or PNS). These data, defined by the clinical group, relate to the description of patients, their illnesses and their therapeutic management.