The Centre Léon Bérard (CLB) is part of the twenty French Comprehensive Cancer Centers (UNICANCER), providing a global management of cancer patients on a unique site, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. The CLB is a regional, national and internationally recognized reference cancer center assigned with three essential missions: Care, Research and Education. Onsite, 1,700 persons work in care, research, education and supportive care. Endowed with a capacity of 320 beds, the CLB manages each year more than 37,000 patients in a certified environment, with 18,5% of patients being included in clinical trials. CLB is nationally recognized for its expertise in genomics (leader of the AURAGEN initiative), the excellence of its translational research (SIRIC program LYriCAN), and its role within the European Reference Network EURACAN (European sarcoma guidelines).

Since 2011, the CLB hosts the Cancer Research Center of Lyon (CRCL), one of the three main research centers in oncology in France. The CRCL is actually composed of 28 research teams with 480 persons, including 153 researchers and teacher-researchers, and develops 2 main research lines: “Tumor escape, Resistance and Immunity” and “Cancer initiation and Tumor cell Identity”. The bench-to-bedside process is a strength, through collaborations with pharma companies and creation of biotech companies on site. Up-to-date technologies for monitoring immune responses in patients and identifying new targets allow to tackle the main challenges of personalized medicine: the adaptation of immunotherapeutic treatments.



Dr. Christophe Caux is a research team leader (UMR Inserm1052/CNRS 5286, Cancer Research Centre of Lyon, CRCL) and the director of the Laboratoire d’immunothérapie du cancer de lyon at the CLB. He is an expert in dendritic cells, including the plasmacytoid subset, and develops a translational research program in tumor immunology and immunotherapy strategies.


Photo Bertrand


Dr. Bertrand Dubois is the BETPSY project leader for the team. He is a senior scientist with a long-standing expertise of the regulation of immunity/tolerance in epithelial tissues with a focus on the biology of dendritic cells, T, and B cells. He joined the team in 2013 to study the role of B cells and antibodies in solid tumors and has developed tools to analyze the tumor immune contexture through multi-IF in situ analysis.


Sarah Barrin, Centre Léon Bérard - Technician
Nathalie Bendriss-Vermare PhD, Inserm - Permanent investigator
Justine Berthet, Centre Léon Bérard -Technician
Amélie Colombe, Centre Léon Bérard -Technician
Isabelle Treilleux MD, Centre Léon Bérard – Pathology department Biopathologist
Jenny Valladeau-Guilemond PhD, Inserm -Permanent investigator
Pauline Wajda, Centre Léon Bérard -Technician