BETPSY Missions

Bandeau Mission


As the French reference center on AE and PNS since 2007, we developed a national network able to construct an exceptional collection of clinical data and biological samples of these very rare diseases. Our cohorts are a unique opportunity to identify new autoantibodies as biomarkers, but also genetic and HLA haplotyping specificities influencing patient’s evolution as well as tumor specificities leading to immune responses.

Our biological collection will also be an opportunity to improve the sensitivity and the specificity of existing tests developed by EUROIMMUN already on the market. At the end of the project, other academic consortiums or industrial companies could use the collections. 


Through the BETPSY project and our network of caregivers, patients, doctors and researchers, we will strive to:

 - Promote clinical, therapeutic, physiopathological and basic scientific research on these syndromes

 - Promote diagnosis and treatment of these diseases

 - Disseminate knowledge about SNPs and EAs

 - Reduce the time between the diagnosis and the treatment

 - Help in the optimal care of patients

 - Improve treatments

 - Improve the knowledge of the possible role of the immune system in other neurological diseases


If you want to participate in the BETPSY project see the section "take part in the project"