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October 2020 - Twitter news Logo Twitter

An interesting paper from one of our epileptologist follower on twitter was suggested. It explains how should be considered epileptic seizures assiocated with surface antibodies.

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Encephalitis Conference 2020

October 2020 - Encephalitis Conference december 2020

The Encephalitis Conference is dedicated exclusively to encephalitis and covers epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in both children and adults, covering both infectious and autoimmune aetiologies.

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Editorial CASPR2

 July 2020 - Editorial commentary

This editorial commentary presents the work of Muñiz-Castrillo and al. concerning precision medicine in CASPR2-antibody diseases by dissecting clinical features, serology and genetics across 56 patients.

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BETPSY Newletter AE Copie July 2020 - AE Newsletter

The AE alliance has dedicated this quarterly newsletter to spotlighting important research initiatives and advancements for honoring and supporting devoted physicians and scientists working to improve Patient's life with AE.

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Encephalitis As

 June 2020 - Editorial commentary

This article hilights the research work of Vogrig and al about the differences between encephalitis as an immune-related adverse event versus encephalitis in regular clinical practice

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