Cohorte 2

WP1 - Prospective collection of patient cohorts with PNS and AE






WP2 - Identification and validation of new autoantibodies as biomarkers

  G N Tic1


WP3 - Genetic biomarkers and HLA haplotyping

Improve cohorts of patient biological samples and controls for the translational research programs. Collect and prepare biological samples that will be used in other WPs by industrial and academic partners.  

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Identify new diagnostic, prognostic or treatment efficiency biomarkers, to validate their clinical values using human biological samples collected in WP1, and test some specific promising targets characterized in WP 3, 4 and 5.

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Identify genetic factors according to the clinical and immune diversity of the autoimmune encephalitis and paraneoplastic neurological syndromes. 

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WP4 - Biomarkers of PNS tumors


Souris 2

WP5 - Identification of immune cell biomarkers using models of PNS



WP6 - Management, valorisation and dissemination

Use the exceptional collection of PNS-associated tumors of the French reference center to better characterize the tumor abnormalities leading to the immune disease and to characterize PNS specific B and T cell responses amenable to new biomarkers development.

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Develop two specific animal models to study the pathophysiology of PNS. These models offer the opportunity to decipher the specific role of B and T cells, to identify clearly the antigens able to breakdown the immune system, to identify new potential prognostic biomarkers and to propose new treatment strategies.

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Maximize the expected impact of the BETPSY project,  develop an integrative approach of the PNS and AE biomarkers and measure the impact of BETPSY on the diagnosis and patient care of AE and PNS in France.

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