The BETSPY governance is based on 3 boards intended to ensure compliance with the objectives, deadlines and budget for the benefit of the consortium as well as the scientific coherence of the project while respecting each partner.

Governing Board

The Governing Board is composed of one representative from each partner and it is responsible for driving forward the strategic direction of the organization ensuring the performance of the project and managing risk and accountability.

                                                           Steering Committee

The Steering Committee’s role is to ensure the scientific cohesion as well as the delivery and achievement of the project outcomes providing advice, support and guidance. It implements decision taken by the Governing Board and can also propose adapted actions to problems encountered. This Committee is composed of all work package leaders and the principal investigator of each team (if not represented as WP leaders).

                                                  Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The Scientific Advisory Board is represented by scientific external members who also are international experts. The SAB is able to advice the consortium on scientific, medical or social issues. It is responsible for assessing the overall scientific relevance of the project as well as putting into perspective the scientific objectives of the project and its progress.



Photo J Honnorat Lars K 2020 02 20 163006 AA Copie Photo Bertrand Roland Liblau MAUCORT BOULCH Delphine Copie
(Coordinator and
WP1,3,6 leader)
Institut NeuroMyoGene, 
Lyon, France
WP2 leader
Euroimmun, Lübeck,
WP4 partner
Institut du Cerveau et
de la Moelle épinière,
Paris, France
WP4 leader
Centre de Recherche
en Cancérologie de
Lyon, France
WP5 leader
 Centre de physiopathologie
de Toulouse-Purpan
WP6 partner
Laboratoire de Biométrie
et d'Evolution Biologique
Lyon, France




Romana H Ftberger Pierre Coulie 1 A Lehuen Photo Cochin Leypoldt UKSH1 Josep Dalmau
(SAB president),
Institute of Neurology,
Medical University of Vienna,
Institute de Duve,
University Catholic of Louvain,
Institut Cochin, Paris,
University Hospital Schleswig-
Holstein, Germany
University Clinic Hospital
of Barcelona, Spain