New publications from collaborations


Relationship Between

Februrary 2021 - Article: Relationship between serum NMDA...

This article from our collaboration with T Pollak and al propose a description of the role of ANMDA antibodies in psychosis onset and response to antipsychotic treatment.

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Anti GAD65

October 2020 - Article: Psychiatric symptoms in anti glutamic...

The description of the neuropsychiatric spectrum of anti-GAD LE and its specificities aims to improve our understanding of this entity, and may lead to earlier diagnosis as well as better outcome.  

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Clinical Features

September 2020 - Article: Clinical features, prognostic, and antibody...

BETPSY members participated to this scientific paper which aims is to clinically characterize patients with anti-metabotropic glutamate receptor (mGluR)1 encephalitis, identify prognostic factors, and study the IgG subclasses and effects of antibodies on neuronal mGluR1 clusters.

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