Whether you are looking for medical treatment or just information on Paraneoplastic Neurological Syndroms or Autoimmune Encephalitis, this section is for you. 

Rare neuroimmune syndromes called autoimmune encephalitis (AE) and paraneoplastic neurological syndromes (PNS) present a wide range of neurological manifestations rendering accurate and timely diagnosis particularly challenging. Although rare, the diagnosis of AE or PNS is essential, as despite severe neurological symptoms patients can be cured by appropriate immunotherapy. These syndromes are characterized by the presence in the serum and cerebrospinal fluid of autoantibodies directed against neuronal targets. These autoantibodies are highly specific of AE and PNS and can be used as biomarkers of the disease.  However, in several highly suspected AE or PNS cases no specific autoantibody has been identified leading frequently to inappropriate treatment.