Clinical spectrum and diagnostic pitfalls of neurologic...

Opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome (OMS) is considered to be the stereotypical manifestation of a paraneoplastic neurologic syndrome associated with autoantibodies targeting the intracellular Ri antigen (Ri-PNS) in patients with breast cancer. Following the original descriptions of Ri-PNS, subsequent reports described diverse neurologic presentations (including patients with peripheral nervous system disorders) and different oncological associations (e.g., lung cancer). Disease course, differential diagnosis spectrum, and long-term outcome remain to be clarified.

To improve the recognition of this disease, Simard C and al. report and analyze the clinical features of previously unpublished patients with Ri-PNS resulting from a 20-year, retrospective, nationwide study at the “Centre de référence des syndromes neurologiques paranéoplasiques et encéphalites auto-immunes” (Lyon, France) and compare this French cohort with cases identified from a systematic review of the literature.

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