Laura Khatib

Resident in neurology in Montpellier and interested in autoimmune diseases affecting the nervous system, I decided to complete my training as a doctor with a year of research with a master 2 in the reference center for autoimmune encephalitis and paraneoplastic syndromes. My work in the laboratory consists of describing new auto-antibodies associated with these pathologies that will be used as a diagnostic biomarker. Indeed, after characterization of a new antigenic target, I seek to develop a specific cell-based-assay that can be used routinely to identify new other cases.

I am very happy to be able to spend these few months in the lab with this high quality teaching and in which, all projects are carried out rigorously. The team welcomed me warmly and this is a unique professional opportunity to train me in the best way in the field of autoimmune encephalitis.

 Publications & Reviews during my stay:

 Khatib L., and al. Autoimmune Cerebellar Ataxia Associated withAnti‑Glutamate Receptor δ2 Antibodies: a Rare but Treatable Entity. The Cerebellum. 2023.